The Dermaviduals product range will change your life. We work with the principals of Corneotherapy which ensures you will maintain optimal skin health and get your skin to function in its natural way. With Dermaviduals we are able to treat just about any skin issue that presents in our salon including:

Eczema                                                           Psoriasis

Dermatitis                                                     Acne

Rosacea                                                         Pigmentation

Aging concerns                                              Dehydration


By crafting customised facials, unique to you and your skin, you can be confident that with every visit, you are getting exactly what your skin needs, not just “one size fits all”!

Designed for you from the ground up, endless combinations of treatments can be created, meaning no two facials are the same. Your skin is constantly changing and so should your facial treatments.

Because sometimes too much choice can be confusing and overwhelming, I have structured 3 levels of facial treatments.  This gives you the freedom to choose how much time and money you would like to invest in your new skin journey.  I can then work within those guidelines to give you a unique facial treatment each time you visit.

Each facial includes a customised double cleanse, appropriate exfoliation for your skin, extractions if needed, a serum infusion customized for you, an incredibly relaxing massage and tailor made mask.


Enzyme Therapy Facial

30 minutes  $92

This is a “go to” treatment for immediate skin clearing results when time is short.  This treatment Includes a double cleanse, and activated enzyme treatment followed by customised serum application. We finish your facial with a leave on antioxidant mask to continue the skin love even after the treatment ends. This treatment is a perfect one off pick-me-up. It is also available as a course of 4 treatments, once per week depending on the severity of your skin condition.


Super Charged Enzyme Therapy Facial


With Xen LED Light Therapy   $140

Want to supercharge your enzymes? Upgrade your treatment to include our enzyme boosters. 
Our Enzyme boosters enhance the result of your enzyme facial, specifically if you have more advanced concerns or want to elevate your results.

  • Acne Boost: to clear and refine pores
  • Barrier Boost: to reduce inflammation and support skin barrier
  • Detoxify Boost: for clarification and purification
  • Antioxidant Boost: for ultimate cell vitality

Level 1 Bespoke Facial

45 minutes $115

With Xen LED Light Therapy $155

Ideal if you are short on time but need some skin love. Level 1 gives your skin a boost of active ingredients to support a healthy skin barrier. This facial includes a customised cream based mask.


Level 2 Bespoke Facial

60 minutes  $150

With Xen LED Light Therapy $190

Hands down our most popular facial.  Level 2 has all the components of Level 1 but with more active ingredient power.  Level 2 will work on how your skin is functioning by adding custom serums to target your concerns to create cellular change.  By having more options, your therapist can tailor a treatment that will leave your skin renewed and on the way to perfection.  An added bonus is leaving with your mind and body feeling completely refreshed.

Level 3 Bespoke Facial

75 minutes $220

The crème de la crème of facials, Level 3 allows your skin therapist to include Xen LED light therapy combined with advanced ingredients to create significant changes in your skin. With multiple serum infusion, the opportunities for target specific skin concerns are endless.

With time to really relax and unwind in the care of expert, pampering hands, you will wake (we dare you to not fall asleep!) from this facial completely restored.



Classic Facial

45 minutes  $110

Enjoy 45 minutes of relaxation and pampering. Cherish your skin and target hydration and vibrance.  Embrace the feeling of relaxation and wellbeing as you leave with your skin feeling fresh and radiant.


Beauty Flash

45 minutes  $130

with LED Light Therapy $170

A unique, playful and delicious facial treatment containing a peel-off mask for immediate enhanced beauty, thanks to superfruits power.  The skin is illuminated and recovers softness and radiance for an immediate healthy look.

Hydration Boost

60 minutes  $150

with LED Light Therapy $190

Hydrate and plump your skin from deep within.  This facial treatment regulates the skin’s hydration, smoothing the skin and delivering a silky and soft finish.  A specialised collagen mask is used to infuse and draw moisture within the skin.  For all skins – the perfect all rounder.


Nutrition Essentielle

60 minutes  $150

with LED Light Therapy $190

A highly nourishing cocooning treatment that brings nourishing suppleness to dry skins.  Immediately the skin is soft and plumped.  The complexion is luminous, the radiance is revived.


Smooth Rejuvenation

75 minutes


with LED Light Therapy $195

A facial with a “new skin” effect thanks to an AHA peeling treatment that smooths wrinkles and fine lines.  After a glorious massage the rebalancing mask restores the skin’s pH for an amazing rejuvenating effect.

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